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About me


Thanks so much for visiting my little online shop. I'm Sarah, Mum to real life Pip and Lil.

I buy bright and bold fabrics that I love and I sew them into reusable face wipes, zipper pouches, unpaper towels, wet bags, scrunchies, second chance cutlery sets, eye masks, catnip mice, hair bands and a few other things in-between.

I started sewing in 2017 after having Pip. The first "win" was a make-up bag I made my Sister's birthday and I thought it wasn't half bad, I've lost count of how many make-up bags I've made since.

The reason I make so many bits and bobs is because I don't like wasting fabric, if I can find a way to use a scrap I do.

Early in 2018 I stumbled across the softest towelling I have EVER felt and had a lightbulb moment and my face wipes were born. 

I'm always on the lookout for greener towelling but so far I haven't found anything quite as soft. I'd advise using a Guppy Bag or a Cora Ball when washing any fabric including any polyesters to help catch any microfibres and stop them entering our waterways.

Thanks for reading, ordering and even thinking about reusable solutions.  If you have any questions please do contact me either using the contact form or via Instagram.

Sarah - Mum & Maker @pipandliloriginal